​At Authenticity NY, we specialize in training the business professional in learning how to communicate effectively and most importantly, authentically in all aspects of their business.  

During important business meetings, training seminars, discussions or even trades, it is normal to experience "negative" states of human behavior such as feelings of mediocrity, nervousness, tension, and self-consciousness. The temporary, conventional antidote is to impose "positive" behavior; cloaking these states such that the business executive seems confident, relaxed, dynamic and self-assured while still experiencing the very opposite underneath. Thus the communicator is essentially "lying" to their audience, compromising trust, credibility and productive relationships. 

Our system not only allows the executive to learn how not to pretend or "act" both through emotions and body language but most importantly, bridges the gap between what you are experiencing and what you are communicating. This ultimately creates a form of communication stemming from an authentic place. In order to make optimum business contributions, an executive must communicate from a centered and authentic place within themselves–and be trained to access this space at will. Knowing a specific process for attaining this unique state is what separates our clients from their competition and paves the way for impactful and superior communication skills.​

“I’ve been in this profession for a long time and  I’ve never seen anyone train executives to communicate as authentically and truthfully as Anthony Vincent Bova.   He is remarkable.” 
– Myles Martel
Martel & Associates
Debate Advisor to President Ronald Reagan