John has worked side by side with Anthony Vincent Bova since 2002 and has been involved in collaborative acting projects with Bova for over 20 years.  For the past 8 years, John has become Authenticity NY’s “go to” person for unique needs (specialty)  training.  In collaboration with Anthony, he has trained the veteran actor as well as veteran analysts and has substantive experience with training business professionals  in the medical, sales and financial industry.   


Polo REO Tate has worked closely with Anthony Vincent Bova for the past four years. She had first sought his expertise as an actor wanting to better her craft. Quickly, however, she realized the profound impact that his methodology and technique was having on her personal and professional life. Bova’s unique and systematic approach to helping others communicate more effectively fostered such growth in Tate’s own life, that she eagerly inquired about aiding him in helping others.   

She began as his assistant, and, over the course of her tenure, has become an integral part of Authenticity NY’s evolution. Polo’s largest impact has been in an advisory capacity while working with sales professionals. Based on their unique communication demands, Polo has aided in the shaping and development of curricula that best serves the needs of Authenticity NY’s clientele.    
Polo’s background is varied and highly extensive. She attended the United States Air Force Academy for undergrad and graduated from the University of Notre Dame. She played Division I Volleyball for both. Polo lives and works in New York City.

​​Anthony Vincent Bova is a prominent communications coach and the "authenticity authority" based out of New York City. 

Anthony has been an instructor of the performing arts for over thirty five years and a master instructor in the areas of authentic communication for over two decades. Professionals from Broadway to Wall Street gravitate towards his technique; responding to his customized and practical approach. He specializes in the unique challenges that stand between the businesses professional, and their communication goals and objectives. 

Over the last twenty years, Anthony has built a reputation for "blueprinting" communication obstacles within each individual and eliminating them in real time creating quantifiable results with clients throughout the United States, Europe and Asia; carrying a strong presence in Istanbul.

Anthony's extensive career has led him to teach at numerous elite institutions throughout the country, including the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, and Tufts University.